Suicide Kale trailer

I directed and edited my first feature in 2015! Written by Brittani Nichols and shot by Robin Roemer, Suicide Kale was made by an entirely female cast & crew in roughly 3 months.

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Dir. Carly Usdin | USA | English
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Suicide Kale is a dark comedy that finds Jasmine (Brittani Nichols) and Penn (Lindsay Hicks), a new couple with an uncertain future, struggling through a lunch party after they stumble upon an anonymous suicide note in the home of the hosts, Billie (Jasika Nicole) and Jordan (Brianna Baker).


Just got back from shooting in Reykjavik for Vice! That's all I can say for now, except that Iceland is beautiful and we had a great shoot.

If Women Ran Hollywood

Had the honor of directing this Funny or Die sketch recently...

Here are some BTS photos. Hilarious production design by Tricia Robertson!